Degraded Visual Environments (DVE) occur when the crew is unable to see properly or accurately due to weather, obstacles, or other obscurants such as brown-outs. The DVE radar capability pierces through these obscurants in order to see the ground below. This information is then sent to the crew’s guidance system or as a visual to the crew’s heads-up display enabling the crew to see through the obscurant. This capability results in greater situational awareness and can help the crew to avoid fatal mishaps often caused by brown-outs or adverse weather conditions.


IMSAR systems can perform multiple applications in a variety of industries. Typical uses for IMSAR's ISR solutions can include.

  • Reconnaissance Missions
  • Wildland Fire Studies
  • Minimize Asset Damages
  • Disaster Response
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Brown-out Visibility
  • Increase Personnel Safety
  • Wildland Fire Monitoring
  • White-out Visibility
  • Emergency Rescue

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DVE (Degraded Visual Environment) is a radar capability designed to see in visually degraded environments. DVE exploits the advantages of radar to see through atmospheric obstructions and provide data for safe navigation when vision is limited.


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